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Rush Clockwork Angels Album Cover
Update: ‘Clockwork Angels’ Tops Amazon Bestseller List.
Update: Clockwork Angels is now available for purchase in a lossless 96kHz/24-bit FLAC Audiophile download from
After five long years since their 2007 Snakes & Arrows album, Rush have finally returned with the release of Clockwork Angels; their 20th studio effort. The album has certainly been a 'work in progress'; one that began over two years ago when the band released the first two singles from the album - Caravan and BU2B.

Following the lengthy Time Machine Tour of 2010-2011, Rush put the finishing touches on Clockwork Angels, producing a twelve-track album that critics have universally applauded thus far.

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Clockwork Angels is a wondrous, musical landscape that Rush fans new and old will certainly appreciate. The songs are beautifully intertwined with one another, creating the "concept album" feel through an evolving story-line set in a steampunk world.

In 2007, Snakes & Arrows debuted at the #3 spot on the Billboard Top 200 album list; Rush's second-highest album debut ever (behind 1993's Counterparts). Pre-order activity has been strong over the past few months so with any luck - and help from the fans - perhaps Clockwork Angels will tick in above that mark.

To order your copy of Clockwork Angels, please click any of the following links:
  • CD
  • Vinyl
  • Classic Rock Special Edition Fan Pack
  • MP3 with Digital Booklet (Via Amazon.Com)
  • MP3 with Digital Booklet (Via iTunes)
  • Lossless 96kHz/24bit FLAC Audiophile Format
  • Congratulations to Rush on the release of Clockwork Angels!

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    1. Hello? Test for Echo? Is anyone out there? I'm surprised no one is posting comments about how they feel about Clockwork Angels.

      I'm on my tenth listen and, as is often the case with Rush, the album has really matured and revealed itself to me.

      It's a complex piece to be sure, but one that I am honestly appreciating with each new listen.

      Yes, I'm a Rush fan -- but I'm a music fan first. I have no problem talking down Rush - if/when it is warranted.

      So I can honestly and openly say that I am amazed with Clockwork Angels. The depth of the music, the story, the bridging theme is amazing. And I can't wait for listen #11 ... and beyond.

      What's everyone else think?


      Listening to it now in FLAC 96kHz/24-bit, and it's really exceptional. A tad more strident than I would have liked, but overall a better mix than Snakes and Arrows.

      Speaking of which, I noticed that the track "Halo Effect" is numerically placed before "Carnies" in the download and seems to blend seamlessly from one to the other, but in the liner notes "Carnies" comes before "Halo Effect". Is that true in the liner notes of the physical media, too? Intentional or printing mistake? Did I miss something somewhere?

      1. I noticed that the tracks were switched as well. It's definitely just a misprint.

    3. Love the album on the first listen and that will no doubt change with increased listens - looking forward to that

      This is truly the work of a band. I am sure there are more guitar, bass and drum breaks than my ears captured on first listen, but I didn't notice the individual virtuosity of the players. Instead, what I hear is three individuals completely in tune and in rhythm with the others. The sound of the whole is greater than the sum of the individual parts. It is at once overpowering and emotional. Is this the heaviest Rush album ever?

    4. I'm a long-time huge fan.
      This album hasn't captured me yet. I get the concept, just not crazy about all the lyrics on every track. Geds voice is very bland now and his falsetos aren't much of a relief.
      Whatever, I'm in love with Caravan and BU2B and Headlong Flight is growing on me as well.
      I acknowledge that Rush albums always take time to set in. I recall how Hemispheres and even Moving Pictures took time.

    5. I bought the album yesterday and I'm honestly blown away from almost every track. The musicianship is great, the lyrics are exceptional, and the overall Rush feel is alive and well. It took a few listens but it grew on me quickly, Ged's bass playing is intense and outlines melodies with complex presicion. Alex's guitar playing has that ear-awing affect with that heavy guitar sound interwined with the slow guitar work he does on other tracks make each song hold on it's own very well. Neil hasn't lost a beat at all, hearing him play on this album cannot be legal. Very complex rhythmic patterns and drum fills but damnit Neil pulls it off with ease.
      As a whole the album is outstanding beyond every definition of The word. It just takes multiple listens too really grasp it all and digest it. But for those who are on the fence about it give it more time and you'll find yourself loving it too.

    6. I'm not sold on it as yet. Although I'm aware the critics are raving about it.
      Rush albums always take several listens to take effect.


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