New Audio Samples From Clockwork Angels Now Available

Rush Clockwork Angels Album Cover
Last week, we were treated to 30-second audio samples from each of the tracks of Clockwork Angels from WalMart. Those samples were based on the first 30 seconds of each song.

Now, the Italian website has posted new 30-second clips of each track, coming from different sections of each song, all including some of Geddy's vocals.

Thanks to Ed from RushIsABand for passing along the news.

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  1. Well, that was somewhat disappointing; the audio quality was pretty bad.

    1. It's just because it was being streamed off of a website. When I heard Headlong Flight for the first time on Rollingstone, I thought the same thing. Once I got it on iTunes with a higher quality, it sounded phenomenal. So don't worry! I've been hearing that it is amazing, "clean" quality...

  2. Yes, I own the CD singles release of BU2B and Caravan, and have listened to the YouTube video of Headlong Flight, and they all sounded very good.

    I was disappointed in this instance because there's no reason at all to stream such low-resolution clips. It doesn't do him (the streamer) or Rush any favors if the music sounds so terrible, especially when the goal is to let everyone know how good the album is supposed to be.

  3. I don't know about you guys, but based on these clips, I am a bit disappointed.
    The songs seem mostly built around simple chord changes; then again, these are
    only thirty-second clips.

  4. @Maxman5823: Yes, it does seem a bit predictable, but I'm going to remain open-minded for now. The intro clips at Walmart seemed a bit more complex, so hopefully these clips from the Italian guy are from chorus sections or something similar.

  5. Yes, these are only 30 second clips from 5-7 minute songs people. And the quality is not clean because it's a fucking YouTube video that sounds unclean. Trust me, it will sound sharp on cd. 9 of the 12 songs are over 5 minutes so these 30 seconds are not going to judge. And I actually thought they sounded awesome. June 12th cannot come soon enough!


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