Clockwork Angels Lyrics and Liner Notes and Album Artwork - oh my!

Rush Clockwork Angels Album Cover Rush Clockwork Angels Album Cover
With the release of Clockwork Angels almost upon us, you can now get a preview look at the album's complete lyrics, liner notes and artwork.

The liner notes and lyrics are on the main Clockwork Angels Album Information Page while the artwork is available on the album's Image dB page.

The liner notes include separate notes of thanks from Geddy, Alex and Neil; something they typically reserve for their tour book essays. Additionally, and fittingly, there is a tribute to their late photographer and friend, Andrew MacNaughtan.

Some of the album's artwork was taken from a photo and, thus, is not of the highest quality. That will be remedied after the official release.

Tremendous thanks to reader Wim van Beijsterveldt for passing along the scans of the CD booklet.

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