Geddy Lee on Singing Neil Peart's Lyrics - New Video Interview

Roadrunner Records has just posted a new video interview with Geddy Lee where Rush's frontman discusses how he approaches singing the lyrics that Neil Peart creates.
“It’s an interesting dynamic because it’s a relationship we’ve had for over 30 years,” explains Geddy. “Obviously, me being the spokesperson for his lyrics is an intimate and difficult relationship just in the sense that I have to really believe what I’m singing – because if I don’t, you can tell. You can’t fake something like that.”

“So, for me,” continues Lee, “I have to try and get into his headspace and I have to try and understand the lyrics from a point of view that’s meaningful to me even if it’s not always the same as the writer’s intent.”
You can watch the video below or directly at this LINK.


  1. At least Geddy can get a good idea about Neil's attitude toward life, as the album is semi biographical to some degree. Too bad we couldn't have got just a little bit of ByTor again, ah, well. No more light-hearted warrior-dogs against drug-dealer epics masqueraded as Tolkien.

  2. Clockwork Angels lyrics are brilliant, as usual, but I notice Neil is becoming LESS verbose - in albums past, similar sounding verses, bridges and choruses would have different phrases, where now the words tend to be repeated. Nothing wrong with that - I think we're just used to Neil's variations over the years. This might explain the 'critical' acclaim the album has received!


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