Neil Peart Interview with Sirius XM's Jim Ladd Now Online

Neil Peart's hour-long interview that originally took place on June 13th with legendary DJ Jim Ladd on Sirius XM's Deep Tracks station is now online.

During the interview, Neil discusses not only the creative process behind the making of Clockwork Angels but a deeper look into each individual track. Neil also narrates the prose introductions from each song which, during the original airing of the interview, led to the playing of each song in order.

Neil expands on the story line behind each song which gives us some insight on the complete story-line that will be presented in the novel. Neil speaks in his usual eloquent and verbose manner which makes for a very interesting listen.

You can listen to the interview below or via this LINK.

Thanks to reader RushFanForever for passing along the link.


  1. Mt.Evans is a "tamer" mountain?! I live here in Colorado and it's no joke! Wow. Not bad for a guy who's 59!

  2. Good to hear he still rides his bicycle too, even if only uses it to commute to radio interview! I thoroughly understand his comment about getting cutting off while riding!

  3. who is neil pert ?


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