Life Lessons - An Interview with Alex Lifeson of Rush

Life Lessons - An Interview with Alex Lifeson of Rush
Classic Rock Revisited has just posted a new interview with Alex Lifeson in an article titled Life Lessons - An Interview with Alex Lifeson of Rush. In the interview, Alex discusses several topics including the dark period for Rush after Neil's tragedies and the first steps back as a band with the release of Vapor Trails:
Rush took an extraordinarily long time, fourteen months, recording the album. The album was not an immediate hit. The band’s loyal fan base was thrilled to hear Rush back in action, although the music was clearly not the best the band had ever created. One of the most shocking aspects of the album was the lack of guitar solos by Lifeson. This was a man who became famous for his exceptional way of blending melody with balls to the wall musical passages.
Along with some discussions surrounding the making of Clockwork Angels, Alex had this to say about the upcoming tour - and the setlist:
With the tour for Clockwork Angels looming in the distance, Lifeson reveals the band is not yet sure what songs, both new and old, will end up making the final set list. “We’re still trading emails regarding the set. Right now, the set is probably somewhere around four hours long. Our target is about three hours and ten minutes of music. We need to really pull it back. There are a lot of older songs that we want to bring back for this tour. There are a lot of great classic rock songs that we haven’t played in a very long time. We don’t what to short change those songs but, of course, you always want to play your most current stuff. It is tempting to look at Clockwork Angels as the whole thing but we will see. We start rehearsals next month and we’ll have a better idea of how we want to approach that whole thing.”
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