In The Mood: The Favourite Albums Of Rush's Geddy Lee

In The Mood: The Favourite Albums Of Rush's Geddy Lee
Geddy Lee recently sat down with Mick Middles of The Quietus to discuss his favorite albums. His top thirteen list includes some obvious choices along with some more eclectic selections:
Bjork Post

This is probably the most surprising album on this list and, I know, it is hard to see any connection between Rush and Bjork. Maybe there isn't one. But I don't thing she gets the credit that she deserves. Journalists tend to focus on the things she says and does and, of course, what she is wearing. She is a very visual artist so perhaps that is understandable. But people tend to forget just what a fantastic and truly original artist she really is. She is not afraid to try new things, either. In fact she thrives on it. It would have been very easy for her to have gone the pop route and built on her hit singles. There must have been pressure for her to do that but it is not what she is about. Just great music powered by an immense imagination.
You can check out the entire list via this LINK.

Thanks to Ed from RushIsABand for passing along the link.


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